Center Of Excellence On Family Business & Enterpreneurship

The Centers of Excellence are the pillars of the institution. The areas of work of the center is very carefully crafted and executed. The center of Excellence ion Family Business and Entrepreneurship is focused on carrying out research on family business in India and Asia at a larger level. Foundation has signed MoU with Witten Institute of Family Studies (WIFU), under Witten University, Germany for collaboration to carry out joint research. WIFU research Director, faculty will guide the researchers and students in India on specific topics. The exchange programs for the faculty and students are also envisaged for better gathering and distributing knowledge in the domain.

The Center is also establishing Centers of excellence in Malaysia and Cambodia. The Foundation of Malaysian Institute of Export and International Trade, Malaysia and BELTI International University, Cambodia also will establish the Centres of Excellence, with the guidance of the Foundation.

Apart from carrying out research, the center also offers many short and long term courses for the family business owners, successors, and the first generation entrepreneurs.

Centre for Family Business is an organization by itself with specific objectives in focus under the University. CFB aims to study the family business organizations on various aspects of family business.

To become a Centre of knowledge in family business in Asia and disseminate the knowledge to betterment of family businesses across Asia.

1. Conduct research, publish, and disseminate the acquired knowledge.
2. Offer solutions for family businesses through the expertise of research and consulting.
3. Offer short term and long term courses to educate the second generation entrepreneurs and possible successors in the family.
4. Organize international conferences, seminars and workshops for Indian and global family business owners, consultants, academicians, and students.

The center will identify and conduct research on family businesses by meeting the founders, CEO’s and other managerial staff to collect data on the said objectives of the research. The same will be published as case studies and articles in Indian and International Journals. 

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