Research Team

Management & Faculties

Dr. Mohanakrishnan Raman

Managing Trustee, Foundation for Research, Education and Development

Dr. Bhavani Mohanakrishnan

Trustee, Foundation for Research, Education and Development Senior Research Fellow Currently heading, the Department of Commerce at Pooja Bhagavat PG Center, Mahajana Education Society

PD Dr. Tobias Kollner

PD Dr. Tobias Köllner complements the research at WIFU with his anthropological perspective on business families and family firms. Since 2020, he is heading a research project that examines the social, cultural and religious embeddedness of family firms and business families cross-culturally. Articles by PD Dr. Köllner have been published by Europe-Asia Studies; Journal of Religion, State and Society; Ethnography and Qualitative Social Research; Anthropology Today and others. From 2006 to 2009, PD Dr. Köllner worked as a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle and completed his dissertation on the relation between businesspeople and Orthodox religion in contemporary Russia at the University of Leipzig in 2011. Subsequently, he conducted a research project that was funded by the German Research Foundation. This research forms the basis for his habilitation, which he finished in 2019.

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