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About FRED

Founded in 2006, we are a global educational institution with a vision to be a world class Social Sciences and Management institution creating global leaders with high level of social consciousness for the profit, not-for-profit and public sector as change agents for the social good. Our education model is to work in collaboration with schools/colleges/Universities, and enhance the student learning experience.

We facilitate the value-added programs that collaborating institutions can co-organise with us:

  • International Conferences
  • FDP/MDPs
  • Setting up of Centres of Excellence
  • Accreditation Workshops
  • International Immersion Trips
  • Student Development Programs
  • Summer School Programs

Our Approach

We specialize and understand that the students, clients or institutions have a specific need other than the regular programs. Therefore, we prefer to understand the need in detail before we design any programs for the students or institution. We design and develop programs which are customized to suit the needs. We ensure that from designing, delivering, evaluating and to certifying process as an end to end solution.

Our Programs


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Highlights of the FRED Programs


“Keeping the End in Mind”, therefore, we set the learning outcomes first and then plan the programs


Our program design is generally focused on the learners and their abilities to learn. Hence, we use Experiential Learning, Action Learning and Adult Learning Methodologies


We believe in Theory and Practice blend. All our program deliveries are based on the academic models using theories as a base and practice as a skill development.


Research is our core base and we emphasize the scientific research approach in all our design and delivery of programs


As a Value of our practice, we ensure everyone benefits and cost is not the barrier in learning, but without compromising the quality


We facilitate and moderate learning processes to ensure out ultimate customers are able to carry the learning to the place of applications to show and improve their efficiencies


Our Clients