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Acharya Krishna Varma
Acharya Krishna Varma, popularly known as Dr.Bobby, He is the son of Dr. M.Santhappan (who hails from a rich lineage of acclaimed practitioners spanning of over four centuries belonging to the famous Travancore Aryavaidya Gurukulam), learnt Ayurveda, Yoga and Varma concepts under Dr. Santhappan in the Arya Vaidya Gurukulam for 12 years. He completed his Gurukula education that included difficult observances and training methods at the age of 18. Apart from Ayurveda, he is also well-versed in basic Atharvana Veda shastras like astrology and tanthric. His outstanding devotion towards patients made him one of the best Ayurveda doctors of the 20th century.
He joined Venkataramana Ayurveda Medical College, which has a heritage of 100 years, with the goal of learning all the medicinal methods under the sky as Gurukulam education will not be enough to keep one updated with all the advancements as well as inventions in modern medicine. He received B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) "Ayurvedacharya" from Dr.M.G.R. Medical University and after completing 5½ years full time medical education in first class. Acharya, wellversed in alternative as well as traditional medicine, came to be accepted as one of world’s best doctors. He dedicates his whole time to the field of medicine with the noble aim of making treatments for incurable diseases accessible and useful for all and thereby developing a society without any disease.
Acharya’s abundant medicinal knowledge, his precise approach and laudable treatment of patients have taken his fame across all national borders. He is well appreciated by Ayurveda and Allopathy doctors alike. His achievements are considered milestones in the world of medicine. His miraculous Varma treatment methods have helped to cure diseases that were once either thought as curable only through surgery or pronounced incurable by famous hospitals and specialists. Acharya goal is that all should live a disease-free, healthy life.
One can achieve one's goals only by living a healthy life. Krishnavarma’s Veda comprises meditation-based practices formulated to not only to help us recover from illness but also to protect us from any future attack of such diseases…Veda teaches us how to live a healthy life rather than fight with medicine and pain after falling prey to disease. You will realise the complete benefits of Veda when you are following the vedic concepts. Veda is a compilation of methods to achievefull awareness of disease and understand how to recover completely from it. It gives renewed confidence and promises rebirth to patients who have been given up by other doctors and hospitals. Shree Varma Gurukulam founded by acharya krishnavarma is considered one of the best health destination in the world.
Dr. D K Shanthakumar
Dr. D K Shanthakumar, is a Management Consultant based in Utah, U.S.A. He received his Master’s and Doctorate in Organizational Behavior from Brigham Young University, Utah, U.S.A.
He has been a Consultant, Professor, and Management Trainer for over 25 years. He has taught at Brigham Young University ,Utah, U.S.A. and National University of Singapore. He was a Visiting Senior Professor with Institute of Financial Management and Research, Chennai. He has consulted and conducted executive development programs for several private and public sector organizations in India, for Jessop, Lupin Laboratories, Bank of Maharashtra, TANFED, SPIC, etc., and abroad for multinationals such as Federal Express, Panasonic, and Mobil International, etc., He is associated with Result Based Leadership, Inc., a consulting and training company based in Utah, U.S.A.
His articles and research papers have appeared in Indian and American professional journals. His current interests are: High Performance Organizations, Strategic Human Resource Management and Management of Change.