Center for Sustainable Development (CSD)
The key concern world over is about the sustainability of the Mother Earth in the face of reckless depletion of valuable resources endangering the lives of the future generation.
Center for Sustainable Development will work in this area by inviting experts and professionals in this area to guide and run research, offer courses, training, consulting and publications. Also the center will collaborate with the universities and research organizations across the world in this field
The following areas is the current focus
Industrial Ecology – Encompassing both ecological planning techniques and green building systems.
Environment Impact Assessment – Guiding organizations in the projects and creating an awareness of the impact on the environment through the assessment. Working towards bringing all the stakeholders together like business organizations, Government and NGO’s for better execution.
Forest and wildlife Conservation – Work towards enhancing the capabilities of the several organizations like government and non government which work towards protection and conservation the fast depleting resources like forests restoration and wildlife conservation.